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keeping its nutrient value and taste". It ta〓kes about 20 days for a sapling to reach maturity in the lab, but 40 to〓 60 days in a conventional farm. This means scieL

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ntists can reap more th〓an a dozen harvests of produce each year, compared with one to two harv〓ests from a conventional farms, depending on the weather conditions, he〓 8

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said. Moreover, scientists at the facility have built the infrastruct〓ure to monitor the elements in the solution. Once an element is deplete〓d, scientist can adda

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the missing nutrient and reuse the solution withou〓t needing to make a new batch, thus reducing the cost. "We go to great〓 length to study and cater to our plant's mos5

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t fundamental needs, makin〓g sure they could grow under the best conditions," Pei said. "In a way,〓 the plants are the kings, and we are all its servants." It's high 5

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tim〓e we find a sustainable and green way to protect our food security."BEIJING, Feb. 13 (Xinhua) -- China will tighten regulation and revis〓e standards on an exten6

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sive range of food and drugs, according to t〓he national food and drug watchdog Monday.The State Council has rec〓ently issued national safety plans on food and drug safety for the 〓13th Five-year Plan period (2016-2020), calling for improved superv〓ision and safety net, said the China Food and Drug Administration (〓CFDA).The planZ

ess control and whole chain regul〓ation on food and drugs, especially on source control and risk prev〓ention. Food tests meeting quality standards should be up to 97 per〓cent.An inter-departmental mechanism for food and drug safety will 〓be improved as a better deterrent against offenses.A total of 1.1 m〓illion cases concerning food safety have been handled nationwide fr〓om 2013 to 2015. Violators will receive severe punishment in future〓, such as criminal liability for the adulteration of food, the CFDA〓 said.The plans also said that no less than 300 food safety standar〓ds and about 3,050 drug safety standards must be revised S


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e〓 five year period.NAIROBI, Feb. 22 -- The locust outbreak plaguing East AfricL

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●or a concerted international response as the most dreaded insects d●evour milt

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